Flock 2014

I visited Prague, the beautiful city of Czech Republic for Flock. This was my first conference ever and it was a life time experience. I will make sure that I can attend many more in coming years. I presented a talk on Fedora QA. My talk was first talk after the keynote. It went pretty well. Many in the audience asked questions and during the discussion we talked about reviving the bug triaging project. As there are many bugs in Fedora Bugzilla which are currently in zombie state and we really want to get rid of them. People agreed to the fact that Fedora QA team is doing hard work to test every bit of Fedora. But certainly we need more hands to contribute. if you want to be part of it, please join us here -> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Join.

There were so many awesome people at Flock. I met Mathew Miller, who is the Fedora project leader currently. He is so down to earth person, it was pleasure to meet him. I talked about getting involved in fedora magazine. There is one more name to highlight for fedora magazine ie. Chris Roberts. He is again very nice, fun loving person, who is always happy to help.

Obviously, I wanted to meet fedora QA team and I met this fabulous person Adam Williamson. We talked about fedora QA in depth. We discussed about wiki test plans, tcms, bug triaging. He also showed me Mozilla tcms which he was trying to play with. So maybe Fedora test plans will be migrated to Mozilla tcms in future. It was nice meeting him. Later I met Tim Flink who is handling taskotorn. I got to know about the features and how he is planning to make it better than AutoQA. I got a chance to meet Ben Levenson too. It was a privilege to meet him.

I attended many talks during conference. Here are the videos of all the talks. I attended the keynote, Taskotron and Me, Life of a remotee, Predictive Input Methods, UX 101: Practical usability methods that everyone can use, Release Engineering and You, Fedora Badges & Badge Design, The Problem with Unit Testing, Systemd daemon integration, next step to world domination, Secure Programming Practices, Security Code Audit 101, You can write kernel tests too! during the conference.

It was awesome experience to get to know so many fantastic people and to learn about new things in Fedora. It was little hard to digest all the information though. But we have to make sure that we can utilize every single second while in the conference.

Apart from work, we had fun too. Boat party was nice. I loved to be there on boat. Prague looks more beautiful in evening. I could feel zephyr. River water was sparkling in lights. Thanks to Flock organizers for doing it. We have a badge too for attending this party 🙂

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