Invitation for Saturday Party – FAD at RH, Pune


This post is a call for action. It is to spread the word about fedora event FAD (one day) at Red Hat Pune . For those, who wants to know what FAD is, can read FAD wiki . This FAD is mostly dedicated to testing for Fedora 21 Alpha. We will test different components on Fedora 21 Alpha. If you want to be part of fun, you are most welcome. You can pick up your favorite among these components to test and you will get help if required.

You really don’t need to be an expert in testing or any of these components and we are not at all restricted to only the listed components. If you want to test some other components, feel free to add that in this list.

Many people has shown their interest in Fedora activities and expressed that they want to be active contributor but don’t know exactly from where to start. Specially, after my talk at flock 2014. So this is a very nice opportunity for all of you. You can still do it, just update list of Attendees with your name and come join Saturday party. 🙂

Thanks to all of you who have already done it.

We also have some swags for you, which are very limited and will be distributed on first come first serve basis, So if you want to get one, be sure to come on time. And yes, you’ll need to get in touch with Siddhesh in advance so that passes can be arranged for your entry into office.

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