You can still catch the bus/bug – Anaconda DNF-test-day

It was total fun participating in anaconda test day, I have tested few test cases listed in the result page, also opened bug. Just be careful about the build you are testing, as the 2015-02-11 f22 nightlies are known broken, 02-10 nightly are good to test.

I have tested some negative test cases too, during installation , for example super duper famous new feature “Anaconda 22.17 will enforce ‘good’ passwords”, which is a very hot topic of discussion in fedora mailing lists nowadays. I have tried giving some weak passwords for root and it did not accept it, so it is working well.

Similarly, there are lots of things to test. You can validate anaconda using different install repositories like FTP, NFS, http and mirror list. You can choose various different options while doing configurations in the Anaconda GUI.

Help is available at #fedora-qa and #fedora-test-day IRC channels. Anaconda developer Vratislav Podzimek (vpodzime) is actively looking at bugs and issues. People from fedora QA team are also helping out.

So, don’t miss the boat. You can still join and contribute to make anaconda much more better in Fedora22. Happy Testing 🙂

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