FUDCon Pune 2015 Planning Meeting Minutes – 3 March

We all (members of FUDCon Pune organizers and volunteers committee), want to make sure that everything is in place and we are making a good progress . So, we had a very productive meeting today. People are gathered in a big room, some joined via call and at #fedora-india

Meeting Etherpad link :: http://piratepad.net/FUDConPunePlanning

Here are some important highlights :

Please see complete MOM below :

Last meeting : http://piratepad.net/fudcon-pune-planning-20150203

03 Mar 2015
Agenda + Minutes
  • Outreach
  • this is for industry + mailing lists (communities)
  • we need help here with more lists + more volunteers to do the outreach.
  • this is for colleges / educational institutes
  • separate cfp needed because we need to mention open source in education here — we could have a track for professors / teachers here to get them together and discuss problems specific to their area.
  • Please think of more companies which deal with RH / CentOS / Fedora; reach out for CFP.
  • Rupali emailed some RH contacts
  • Video series
  • Videos from FPL (Matthew Miller), jsmith, Kushal, Parag, Rahul, Joerg, etc. — extolling the virtues of FUDCon + Pune
  • Kushal and Shreyank to work on this
  • Two videos:
  • One in April
  • One in May
  • Reach out to design/marketing team for editing help.
  • also reach out to ambassadors in apac for confirmation / planning
  • Siddhesh: announced during apac meeting; ambassador panel discussion at fudcon welcomed by all; Siddhesh to announce it on ambassadors list.
  • open trac for sponsorship requests
  • done; requests already coming in.
  • CFP
  • We have about 56 talks so far
  • Amit suggests we keep a CFP open for barcamp-style, since that is how FUDCons have been conducted this way so far.
  • Everyone agrees, but let’s not call it CFP; let’s call it barcamp-track
  • Chandan to tweet
  • Marketing
  • Fedora magazine
  • CFP article out
  • One more CFP article at -1 week (1 March).
  • Let’s not do this article at all; fudcon15 article still the first one on magazine.  Let’s give some time till our next post
  • Also, let’s co-ordinate on content and timing to put out magazine articles; otherwise we look unorganized.
  • fudcon.fedoraproject.org
  • will need some trac ticket?
  • Siddhesh (looks like I need a Pune 2015 component to file a ticket against)
  • Twitter
  • We also have tweets going out from Red Hat Community account
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn group
  • Website
  • just need to figuire openid thing now
  • Praveen + Siddhesh.
  • Favicon for fudcon site
  • Praveenkumar to do this
  • Siddhesh added a ‘thanks for registering’ page
  • Praveen deleted RSS — no more spam posts on planet
  • Graphics status update?
  • Clear to open tickets for other graphics elements
  • Also pls update current ticket so that designers know not to keep working on this design anymore
  • new tshirt design needed
  • Going to fudcon
  • 2011 designs
  • SSL support?  Asked Saleem about it
  • We’re still figuring this out.
  • Travel updates? (after CFP closes + speaker selection)
  • Budget
  • Make and maintain a publicly visible sheet to track expenses?
  • Send link to budget to MIT contacts
  • Done
  • Sent a reminder to Ruth
  • Ruth replied; she’s OK with using RH expense system
  • FUDPub
  • Rupali reached out to Venue1
  • Potential Venue 1
  • Space for 100 people
  • Reasonable (approx 1800 per person)
  • RH has relationship; payments are easier
  • Close to cocoon
  • No limitation on sound limits – a nice party can be had.
  • Rupali continuing to reach out to others
  • Another venue visit next week
  • Swag
  • Niranjan suggests some programmable arduino boards manufactured locally with our logos
  • About ₹750
  • Swag for Volunteers
  • tshirts
  • Swag for Organisers?
  • Swag for Speakers
  • Umbrellas (for sweet Pune rains)
  • Fedora badge for attendees?(added to the FAS account)
  • Venue
  • WiFi
  • They don’t have this on-campus; they had said they would set it up by FUDCon.  Follow up.
  • MIT COE are keen on doing it; they need input from us.
  • We will get in touch with their IT person.
  • Also talk about the Fedora mirror with them.
  • Power connector extensions
  • MIT were going to set this up.  Follow up
  • Note to speakers (include in prep email): In seminar hall: projectors are 4:3, screen quite small (don’t include small text)
  • MIT meetups
  • First one proposed on 28th Feb
  • Didn’t happen; we need to discuss when it’s possible for them (they have exams going on these days)
  • What to do?
  • Siddhesh to reach out to MCUG
  • Set up a Fedora mirror (Chandan)
  • Best way to seed will be to get an archive on 
  • Volunteers
  • College reopens on Jun 15
  • Many students will be on leave till Jun 15
  • We should identify students who will be available in the break – e.g. students from Pune who don’t plan to travel elsewhere; we don’t need too much of their time anyway
  • Mobile Application
  • Siddharth + Rohan had volunteered
  • Rohan to adapt an app used by the OpenStack folks.
  • Creating FAQ for FUDCon India 2015
  • Kushal to draft it
  • Kushal has a list of Q
  • Amit will get creative with answers.
  • Videographing
  • kpoint: Not an option. Rates too high (20k per day just for recording)
  • asked for clarification on rates; they might have subsidised options for us
  • hasgeek
  • They’re  allowing us use of their equipment + train a few volunteers who can do  the recording.   Equipment needs to be brought from BLR to Pune.  Nice  gesture by them; but sounds complicated given the expensive equipment +  need to get volunteers to be trained.
  • Look for cheaper quotes from other professionals (Bipin)
  • Buy our own cameras? (Rupali)
  • Check if local RH marketing has cameras they can spare for the event (Rupali)
  • Open source solutions for streaming (amit)
  • Last option will be to have a tiny webcam doing live Hangout — advantage is it has auto-archival on youtube.
  • amit: +1 for this option (or using the open source one for streaming)

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