FUDCon Pune Planning meeting minutes: 2015-04-14

We had our regular weekly FUDCon planning meeting today and most of the volunteers were present. We went through all the discussion topics and agendas. As the conference is approaching fast, we spent pretty decent time on travel section and it is high time for people who need sponsorship for travel and/or accommodation, please open a Fedora trac ticket for funding request here.

Main highlights of the meeting was :

1. We have updated our site with volunteers list – http://fudcon.in/conference/about . If you are helping and your name has been missed, then please accept our apologies and let us know so that we can add it here.

2. Talk selection done: Roughly 50 talks, 15 workshops and 1 hackfest selected. So, if you have purposed one, you can expect an email soon.

3. Marketing Planning is in its full swing  – http://piratepad.net/marketing-plan-fudcon

Here are the full logs ::
Travel updates
  • Start meeting regarding this in #fudcon-planning
  • Accepted several tickets
  • Deferred some; we’ll keep going over the list.
  • All tickets https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/3
  • Prepare an invitation letter for them (for visa).
  • Huzaifa got in touch with Global Mobility and now has the required information to process visa letter requests
  • Ask Ruth about us booking tickets instead of getting speakers/requestors to book tickets and reimburse after the conference – Huzaifa has emailed Ruth.  He will follow up with an action plan
  • For ausil, jrusnack, reicatnor: Huzaifa has emailed Kushal


  • Make and maintain a publicly visible sheet to track expenses?
  • Need to keep tab on the number of accommodation requests
  • Sent a reminder to Ruth
  • Ruth replied; she’s OK with using RH expense system


  • Talk selection done: Roughly 50 talks, 15 workshops and 1 hackfest selected
  • Slow progress on marking and communicating results


  • this is for industry + mailing lists (communities)
  • we need help here with more lists + more volunteers to do the outreach.
  • Reach out to MIT to let them know about the event (mid/late May)
  • Do some sessions in colleges after exams over (exams get over mid-April)
  • Let’s do in:
  • Cummins
  • COEP
  • Sinhagad
  • 12 weekends before our event to do these sessions
  • Video series
  • Shreyank spoke with some video editors to get an idea of things to keep in mind; and also give them an idea of what we are looking for.
  • Videos from FPL (Matthew Miller), jsmith, Kushal, Parag, Rahul, Joerg, etc. — extolling the virtues of FUDCon + Pune
  • Kushal and Shreyank to work on this
  • Two videos:
  • One in April
  • One in May
  • Reach out to design/marketing team for editing help.


  • no updates this week
  • Fedora magazine
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn group (Reach out to Soni)

FUDCon.next planning

  • We should start a tradition to announce the next fudcon at the current one
  • We should start the bid process beforehand and get a bid selected before the current one starts
  • The FUDCon pages on the Fedora wiki already mention 1 yr of lead time is needed for starting the fudcon planning process.
  • Tuanta taken ownership of driving this at last APAC ambassadors meeting


  • Add names of MIT organizers (PraveenSiddhesh)
  • Done
  • Graphics status update?
  • Clear to open tickets for other graphics elements
  • Also pls update current ticket so that designers know not to keep working on this design anymore
  • new tshirt design needed
  • Going to fudcon
  • 2011 designs


  • Rupali reached out to Venue1
  • Potential Venue 1
  • Space for 100 people
  • Reasonable (approx 1800 per person)
  • RH has relationship; payments are easier
  • Close to cocoon
  • No limitation on sound limits – a nice party can be had.
  • Amit suggsts place where there is bowling option. 
  • Reached out to one place
  • Option 1: $5600 for unlimited games, food and drinks for unlimited people (max 250)
  • Option 2: $4800 for 150 people, limited to 12 lanes and unlimited food, drinks, games.
  • On paud road there is go-carting place, not sure if they have bowling too.
  • Rupali continuing to reach out to others
  • Another venue visit next week


  • Let’s start thinking about this now; approach vendors.
  • Swag for Volunteers
  • tshirts (200)
  • Swag for Organisers?
  • Swag for Speakers
  • Mugs (200)?
  • siddhesh’s quote: 
  • shreyank’s quote: 
  • Umbrellas (200) (for sweet Pune rains)
  • Swag in general <- Shreyank
  • buttons (3000)
  • tattoo pasties
  • stickers (5000) <- siddhesh
  • pens (3000)
  • caps (300)
  • cloth bags (300)
  • diaries (200)  <- siddhesh
  • bottles (200)
  • pen drives (200)
  • magic mint dispenser (200) <- Amita
  • Fedora badge for attendees?(added to the FAS account)


  • WiFi
  • Siddhesh, Huzaifa, Rupali had a call with MIT sysadmin
  • MIT COE are keen on doing it; they need input from us.
  • Also talk about the Fedora mirror with them.
  • Power connector extensions
  • MIT are going to set this up.  Follow up
  • Note to speakers (include in prep email): In seminar hall: projectors are 4:3, screen quite small (don’t include small text)
  • Refreshments for speakers lounge / otherwise

MIT meetups

  • What to do?
  • Packaging?
  • Bugzapping
  • Siddhesh to reach out to MCUG (this week, I promise!)


  • College reopens on Jun 15
  • Many students will be on leave till Jun 15
  • We should identify students who will be available in the break – e.g. students from Pune who don’t plan to travel elsewhere; we don’t need too much of their time anyway
  • Rupali to get a list of volunteers from MITCOE.

Mobile Application

  • No updates
  • Siddharth + Rohan had volunteered


  • No updates
  • kpoint: Not an option. Rates too high (20k per day just for recording)
  • asked for clarification on rates; they might have subsidised options for us
  • hasgeek
  • They’re  allowing us use of their equipment + train a few volunteers who can do  the recording.   Equipment needs to be brought from BLR to Pune.  Nice  gesture by them; but sounds complicated given the expensive equipment +  need to get volunteers to be trained.
  • Look for cheaper quotes from other professionals (Bipin)
  • Buy our own cameras? (Rupali)
  • Open source solutions for streaming (amit)
  • Last option will be to have a tiny webcam doing live Hangout — advantage is it has auto-archival on youtube.
  • amit: +1 for this option (or using the open source one for streaming)

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