FUDCon Pune, 2015 – A wonderful journey


I have attended many international open source conferences till date, but the joy of organizing and conducting one in my own country was different.

For many people, FUDCon 2015 was from 26 to 28 June at MIT Pune, India.
But for us ( http://fudcon.in/conference/about.html ), who created this event and made it a big success , It was a 6 months long, wonderful journey.

After winning the bid, we started putting all our efforts to make FUDCon, Pune a memorable event. I have volunteered myself for fedora magazine posts and did some ::

The Announcement :Β  http://fedoramagazine.org/india-calling-namaste-fudcon-apac-2015/

CFP and Registration :: http://fedoramagazine.org/fudcon-apac-2015-now-accepting-talk-proposals-and-registration/

Sponsorship :: http://fedoramagazine.org/fudcon-pune-2015-open-for-sponsorship-requests/

We got an amazing response in form of 140 submissions from all across the globe on various different topics.

Our little steps in this beautiful journey ::

1. Meetings (planning/sponsorship/marketing) : It is true that most of the times meetings sound boring. But these meetings were real fun with good spirit and real good output. We had weekly planning meetings where we discussed and planned our action items around Travel, Venue, Marketing, Accommodation, Outreach , FUD-Pub, Swags, Budget, Website, Transport and what not πŸ™‚ . You can still have a look at our MOMs atΒ  http://piratepad.net/FUDConPunePlanning , if you really want to πŸ˜‰

Sponsorship meetings were to decide who will get the travel/accommodation subsidy. We did it on IRC and we gave priority to Fedora contributors.

2. Marketing : No stone left unturned, in order to reach out people. We did a BoF at FOSSASIA. We spread the news via twitter, Facebook and other social media. Banners, posters and standees were used. Pravin Satpute and rest of the team did a nice job to pull out this activity.

3. Web Site and Schedule : Great efforts has been put to improve fudcon.in website. Siddhesh and Praveen spent a lot of time to upgrade website from Drupal COD 6.x to Drupal COD 7.x, and they have done manual work too to achieve this upgrade. Niranjan and PJP created the schedule. Kushal Das made it live at http://fudconin15.shdlr.com/

4. Travel and Accommodation : This was again a big task of booking tickets, hotel rooms etc and I am sure speakers who availed this facilities are the witness of well planned logistics.

5. FUDPub : I was involved in the this activity. We did some prior visits to the FUDPub venue to make sure everything (food, games, music, drinks, bands, bowling etc.) should be nice and I am happy that most of the speakers felt that it was the best FUDPub ever πŸ™‚

6. Videographing : Hasgeek had sponsored video for 3 rooms. Jace drove down with all equipments. Niranjan took care of this activity with other volunteers.

7. There were lot many other activities where we went extra miles like Fedora Booth, Swags, Venue/Lunch etc.

All the volunteers and organizers really buckled down to make sure that every bit of FUDCon should be a success story. A big thanks to all of them who pulled their own weight to make this happen.Β  http://fudcon.in/conference/about.html

Things which were pleasing as punch :
1. People : I got to meet so many people during FUDCon which was the best part. Fedora community is full of great people. I have attended few talks and all were full of knowledge. It was like a knowledge fare, where anyone could come and share.
I have attended Key note, education panel, Drupal, FOSS Project, FreeIPA and few more. One of my favorite was on Katello presented by Sachin Ghai


PC : Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

2. My Workshop : I also did a workshop on Anaconda with 2 more speakers (Kaushik and Swapneel )and It went well. Students were interested to know more and they came to us even after the workshop to discuss.


3. Women Participation : Fedora believes in diversity. Good women participation in FUDCon proved it. Be it volunteer or speaker or attendee, women made their strong presence in FUDCon.


4. Enthusiasm : It was pleasing to see how students, attendees were coming offline to discuss with speakers and asking questions, getting guidance for further contribution in Fedora.
Aagaz (New Beginning)
Indeed, it was an awesome event. But, we just hit the road, there are miles to go and togetherness is the key. There are plenty of milestones to achieve in Fedora community. This community is symbol of strength which comes from its diversified and dignified contributors. Together, we can make it stronger and more welcoming πŸ™‚

“””Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.””” by Henry Ford

Thanks to Jared Smith for group photo.
For more pictures (Thanks to Kushal Das) : https://www.flickr.com/photos/kushaldas/sets/72157653370892863/page1

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