About the conference :: I got an opportunity to attend FOSSASIA 2016 last week. FOSSASIA is the premier Free and Open Source technology organization in Asia for developers, designers, start-ups, and contributors. Many people across the globe with different background attended the event. It was a super hit conference in terms of technology.

Schedule and Venue :: March 18th – 20th 2016 in Singapore

Take Off :: My flight was from Pune on 16th March, 2016 at 5:45PM, which reached to Mumabi in few minutes. The transit time was really hard to kill at Mumabi airport, flight to Singapore was at 1:30 AM. I have reached Singapore in the morning of 17th March. Singapore is like 2:30 hrs ahead of IST. It was indeed a long journey and with night travel, I was feeling sleepy but managed to keep up with the pace of life in Singapore. Being the Smart City, it gives you many option to travel within the city. I bought a 3 days pass from airport itself which includes MRT and bus travel.

Events and Conference :: There was a per-conference meet-up at Red Hat office, Singapore on 17th March, I did not want to miss it. So, I dragged all my luggage to the Red Hat office directly from the airport to attend the meetup. MRT was helpful, but you really have to walk a lot in order to reach your destination 🙂 , no wonder I am down by few KGs 🙂 . After meeting Red Hatters and other folks presenting at conference, I really needed a shower and some food. So, without delaying much, I headed to my hotel room.

In the evening, again there was a meetup at dinner for the speakers. I went there (by walk) and did some socializing. I met IIT/NIT Indian students who are making some awesome projects under GSOC. Some of them were interested to be part of Red Hat as interns and I have shared information about the internship program at Red Hat with them.

18th March :: Conference venue was really awesome . I personally liked it because of the demonstrations and experiments, the place has, in order to depict the beauty of science. My father is a retired Science teacher. So, science has a special place in my heart since childhood. Needless to say that I have experienced the place very well whenever got time.

I reached very early in the morning (9:00 AM) at the conference venue via MRT(took 50 mins). I met some of the organizers, collected my conference speaker badge. By the time, It was 9:30 and I have attended all the presentations in a row in first half which included Grand opening, The story of FOSSASIA 2016, The Internet of Things and Me, Welcome note, Sex, Circuits, and Deep House AND my favorite one “A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Science Centre” by Harish Pillay (RedHat) , he beautifully depicted different phases of Internet growth in so many years.

In the afternoon, there is a DevOps track, where most of the Red Hatters were speaking about different Red Hat products. “Technologies developed by Red Hat” , “oVirt Integration With Foreman And Katello – Bringing Your Virtualized Data-Center Into The Next Level”,  Containers etc. I have attended all of them.

There was a evening event “Pub Crawl at Clarke Quay”, since I was really tired and needed some rest, so I skipped this one and went to hotel to have my much needed sleep.

19 March ::  I reached the venue at around 10:00 AM and attended some really awesome talks. I have attended talks in Python track and also, participated in panel discussion on “What’s next? ” Harish Pillay (Internet Society Singapore/ Red Hat). I went to the Red Hat booth as well and saw the demonstration of open stack by one of the cloud solution architect in Red Hat. Red Hat was giving away Raspberry pi for answering correctly after demonstration 🙂 I like it.

20 March :: My talk “Openess in Quality: Migrating testing framework from bash to pytest” was scheduled for this day. I was ready with my slides and demos. There was decent crowd to attend my talk. Crowd was interested mostly in the demos, I have shown with the fixtures and markers. Some redhatters seemed interested and agree with my planning tips for the migration. After my talk, I visited the exhibition area, where many interesting demonstration along with Red Hat booth was. I talked to few people and head back to hotel.

Food :: Two things are really famous in Singapore. One is Kaya Toast and another is chicken rice.  So, if you get to visit the city, don’t miss them. I totally loved the kaya toast and had it at different places. The best one is served at Bugis Junction 😉

Back to the city Pune :: On 21st March, I had my flight from Singapore to Delhi to Pune. Again, it took a whole night to cover the journey. I reached on 22nd early morning and hardly got some rest, with my sweetheart around (my 3 years old baby, who really missed me). Evenings were super busy again in Red Hat Pune office with some meetings. Life is really busy and awesome 🙂

I love being part of Red Hat and I totally loved the conference.Got to learn a lot and met some lovely folks.

Pictures ::






2 thoughts on “FOSSASIA 2016

  1. Glad you were able to make it! Unfortunately, I could not be at your talk. The best thing about conferences is the hallway track and boy were there plenty of them at FOSSAsia – probably helped because of the location as well.

    I guess I need to write up my talk and put it.

    • No worries Sir, My talk went well and well received. Recordings will be there soon and yes, location was a plus this time.

      I will wait for your write up 🙂

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