Event Report – Fedora Women Day

Fedora women day was celebrated on 15th July, 2016 in Pune. The idea was first coined by Maria “tatica” Leandro , present Fedora diversity adviser. The main event wiki page is here. There are local events associated to the main event, celebrated locally at different places, to recognize and celebrate the success of women contributors in Fedora.

The agenda of the event was to bring more and more women together who are Fedora contributors or want to be one. I have volunteered to do the event in Pune location, and believe me after that every task to accomplish the event was as difficult as easy it was to purpose one πŸ™‚

I started talking to experienced people around to get an idea what and how the event can be made successful. Priyanka Nag joined me in the efforts and helped a lot. We have come up with the action items, did meetings with existing fedora ambassadors and also did few pre meetups before the event to get the people involved. I am really thankful to the young lady, only thing I can say for her is, age does not bring maturity in any person, it is the right attitude which makes you mature. Thanks Priyanka Nag πŸ™‚

Now wiki page was up, we started reaching to the colleges, other women lists in upstream. Getting speakers was not easy too.

Maria “tatica” Leandro woke up at 5 AM to do a live session with audience in Pune, India. She talked about her journey in Fedora. After that their was a storm of questions from audience, which she perfectly handled with a cup of coffee in her hand and a beautiful smile on her face. She stated the help is available in ample amount in community like Fedora, you just need to take few steps to grab that help and get started.


Pravin Satpute took over after Maria , and did a fantastic job of telling women, the starting points and various fields in Fedora in which they can contribute. Some ladies mentioned later to have more sessions with Pravin. You are famous among many ladies, dude πŸ˜‰


Attraction of the event was live session with Matthew Miller . After facing few technical issues, we were able to connect and had a nice questionnaire with Matthew Miller. FPL mentioned while answering a question that non-technical contribution is also a contribution in Fedora and there are many ways to do that – design, art, documentation and people person. There are roughly around only 30-40% contributors, who are technical contributors in Fedora. He mentioned different initiatives taken in Fedora for increasing and supporting more and more women contributors around the globe.


Thanks to Maria “tatica” Leandro , Pravin Satpute and Matthew Miller for joining the efforts and helped conducting the sessions in the event. Thanks to Anisha Narang too, for sharing her experience with us. With the help of all these people, things fall in place.

What an event without a wonderful audience and volunteers , I would like to name quite a few who were just awesome with their help and courage they provided me throughout the journey of making the event possible and successful :: Seema Mohangekar , Aziza Karol , Vidya Hari , Jesika Saldanha , Soni Lonari



A successful event is all about people, bringing them together, getting them involved and having same goals. We had a decent event, which lasted with cake cutting and some snacks.

But this was just a beginning indeed. We need to have more regular meet-ups. Stay tuned for the next one πŸ™‚

Thank you Red Hat Pune site for providing the Venue and sponsoring the snacks.






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