When you step out of the door..

Life is very colorful, so is the world and communities. Sometimes there are shades of gray and sometimes it is all rosy and beautiful. Some days are full of laugh, smiles and fun, others are not so great and few days are wet with our tears. But, we still move on irrespective of all odd and even. We live our life without knowing what is there for us in the next second. We were never certain about the mystery of life and we are still not, ofcourse we will never be aware of that future. Inspite of this, we fight, we walk the path of our journey…the journey of life.

Similarly, open source communities are filled with all possible colors in the universe. As our life is totally unpredictable, sometimes ocean of joy and sometimes volcano of sorrow. Community is the perfect blend of such diverse moods, culture and people. One day, you will feel like you are surrounded with just the right people and you feel on the top of the world, other day may not be that sweet and you may get to taste the bitter part of it. But just think twice before you decide to declare that you are broken, demotivated and don’t want to continue any more!

Because, it is you who is responsible for “what will happen next”. If you withdraw now, you will not get to see the other colors of it. One bad experience should not be your last experience. What if that code did not work today, what if someone was not very nice to you today, what if you did not get any reply today, what if that meeting decision was not in your favor..there is always a tomorrow! There are other things waiting for you outside that door, which you want to close, just because today was not the best day. Now just recall what I wrote in the beginning of the post,  We don’t stop living, no matter how ups and downs, our journey of life shows to us. Live the community life, just like yours. It is not the same always.


It is OK to have some bad experiences, we do learn more from everything – good or bad. Just gather yourself, remember how strong and capable you are and there are another shining day waiting for you outside that door. So, don’t shut that! Move on, Open it and see a more confident, more happy  and more enthusiastic you, when you step out of that door.

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