Women Who Code – Pune

If this is a Saturday morning, and I am getting up at 6:00 AM with my alarm clock bell, it clearly means that this is an Open Source event day. I am glad to be invited as a panelist in WWC, Pune meet-up


Thanks to Janki Chhatbar who introduced me to this awesome initiative of WWC. Janki is one of the two directors for WWC, Pune. I have reached Magarpatta City by 8 AM and met Janki and we took a cab to reach to the meetup venue  Veritas Technologies LLC India Pvt Ltd . As we reached little early, we had sometime to drink our morning tea/coffee. Over the coffee, we met other director of WWC, Pune – Sonal Bobde . I was amazed by the amount of energy these two young directors have. They successfully pulled out such a nice event together. More than that the coordination between the two is just awesome. Soon, we entered the office with some formalities of registration. As it was a Saturday, office was quite and we all gathered in a big conference room. There was a decent number of women present (around 20).

Nandini De, Director Engineering, Veritas started with a small introduction of company. Sonal Bobde talked about the increasing number of women drop outs from the tech industry and the reason pointed out was lack of more women leadership in tech. After the talk we started with panel discussion and introduction round. My co-panelist members were –     Nandini De, Director Engineering, Veritas, Shabda Chaudhari, AVP – Data Product Manager, Barclays and Aditee Rele, Director, Technical Evangelism, Microsoft. The topic of Panel discussion was “Voice of Women in Technology”.  It was really a nice discussion and everybody has their own unique experiences to share. One common acceptance was that we women think too much about many things at the same time and sometimes we are over committed to things. We want to do the best in every aspect of our life be it office, home, food preparation, growing children or making a chappati round. We never want to fail, we want to be perfect. And if we fail to give our 100% to any of these areas, we start feeling guilty. We have to accept the fact that it is OK to let go things sometimes. It is OK to have messy home while you are taking care of fixing a bug in the code. It is OK to make an oval shape chappati sometime 🙂


It was real fun to have such diverse conversation around common women issues. I personally liked two topics –

  1. Work From Home facilities for women
  2. Reboot Programme for women who want to join Tech after a gap.

I would like to write in little detail about the two topics, so you can expect different post on these topics from me. Unfortunately, I had to leave after the first half of the day for personal commitments. But you know, we can not cover everything 100% in this world 🙂 , sometimes it is OK to let go things and that is how we can balance.

I have nominated myself to be Fedora leader for WWC community, which means I would like to conduct Fedora workshops & events for WWC members. I hope that will happen soon. Thanks again Janki Chhatbar for this wonderful experience. One can join the WWC meet ups at https://www.meetup.com/Women-Who-Code-Pune/ .

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