Jindgi or kuch bhi nhi, Teri-Meri Kahani hai….(Life is nothing, but a story..your and mine)


Today is International Woman’s day. This may not be an inspirational story and I believe this is not just my story. It is my day to day life which is a reflection of many Indian women’s life with a family. So many of you can relate very easily. You may notice , I have used “I” and “We” at many places interchangeably below, because this is me and this can be any/many of you.

Everyday is a battle to win for many of us. Daily, when I push myself out of the bed so early in the morning. Thoughts are already started boiling in my mind with the pace of current. Cooking and packing that lunch box of my small kid and aiming to finish so many tasks with in few mins before her school bus arrives. These tasks involve some of the war level tasks which include getting her up out of the bed, make her pee/poo quickly, brush her teeth while checking the water in the bathroom is at the perfect temperature for her and oh yes, that dish should not get overcooked while you are handling this war level situation. After an hour of multitasking (remember the first hour of our morning it is), we successfully make her board the school bus. Well, that was very close though 🙂

Now, it is that second, when we just got relaxed from the mother’s duty of early morning and lying on the bed. BUT! our minds are not, there is messy kitchen to take care of, 50+ mails in the inbox, which all have miraculous high priority and Oh God! I have to get ready quickly and rush to avoid that horrendous traffic on the road. We get ready while juggling between milk boiling and toast/paratha/idli etc. Now after another hour and half, we achieve our second milestone of the day. Yeah, we grab that breakfast in hurry and now, another monster is in our way “That Traffic”. While balancing my small scooty on my toes, I checked the needle is indicating low on fuel. Why this happens on the day when I am already in hurry and I fail every-time to calculate which is the day of the week or month, when I am not in hurry. After killing the traffic monster in another hour, I finally, reach to a place where I feel good, confident, safe and proud. It is my office time. Yes, It is Red Hat. I have my project, Open Source projects I can contribute in. I have my perfect teammates, friends. I have people around who don’t judge me but support me unconditionally. I have tremendous amount of opportunities to explore. I have an environment which makes me feel comfortable and makes me smile. I can’t thank God enough to make me part of Red Hat family.

So, this is my success. This is my story. Red Hat is my inspiration and my work makes me passionate about my life. After a long day at work, when I go back home and see a smile on my daughter’s face, that makes me feel satisfied. Everyday is a new struggle for me, but there are things around which make me feel good too. That is how we balance life with good and bad, every feeling is part of life and this is what we women perfectly do, right? We balance so many things around us at the same time.

Salute to every women because they are inspiration in their own unique way.

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