Flock 2017

Last week, I attended Flock 2017 in Cape Cod U.S. state of Massachusetts. This was the first time, I visited USA and now I know what the real jet lag is. This year’s Flock was different from the regular usual flock every year. The concept was more inclined towards to do sessions rather then just talks and I must say that this one is the best flock so far. I got to learn so many new things and also it gave me different prospective of many projects in Fedora. Here are some highlights from the conference, which I learned and attended or delivered , Hope you will enjoy reading them –

Diversity Session

This is the session which I proposed and lead with my diversity team in Flock. The major agenda which was covered was –

  • Diversity Events
  • How to organize Diversity Events better
  • How to measure the impact of the diversity events
  • Diversity team budget, where to spend
  • Diversity Adviser position
  • Diversity Budget Support for Outreach

One great thing about this session was the audience was greatly involved in the discussion. We got many fantastic suggestions from people present in the session. One feedback was to do diversity events in collaboration with other local communities with similar goals. Other suggestion was to come up with a set of questionnaire which we would like to include in the event reports to see how impact the event went. So we have got a bunch of action items on us as team 🙂 . Thanks to Justin W. Flory and Jona for handling the session with me. I am glad that Bex and Marina joined us and helped us with their feedback on agenda. I am thankful to the audience, who helped us by sharing thoughts actively and openly. It was a great session of 3 hours with nice outcomes. Read full length version and great description of this session by Chhavi Shrivastava

Fedora Magazine Session

I did a full length article for this session. I hope it will be published soon and I will update the link here too. For now it is here. It was an amazing session delivered by Justin W. Flory , Paul W. Frields and Ryan Lerch .

Again, the most amazing part of this session was the audience involvement and their valuable suggestions for innovative new pitches for Fedora magazine.


I am so glad that I got to attend a session on Factory 2.0 – A build-to-release pipeline. It was an interesting session done by Mike Bonnet

I wanted to know more about Factory 2.0 , the complete pipeline with all the tools from build to release. So I met Ralph Bean ( this time with beard face) during the games night. We occupied the center table of the venue and Ralph started drawing the pipeline on a piece of paper to make it more clear for me. People around us thought we are playing some unique game 😉 and of-course it was totally a different one. Game of factory2.0 . I am really thankful to Ralph to make me understand the complete flow. How the message bus gonna pass though different stages of Composes, Brew, CI, Jenkins, Result DB, Pungi, Errata tool, CDN… WOW!!! I got to learn some new fancy terms like “Green Waivers” I got to know the problem statements during the conversation which Factory2.0 is trying to address and “make things faster and more flexible” mantra. Ralph pointed me to his presentation during devconf on Factory 2.0, which helped me a lot. Thanks Ralph for your time and fantastic explanation.

Other Sessions

There were actually many interesting session, I can not explain them in my blog post. I personally liked Mindshare one, As FOSCo is not any longer a thing, Mindshare will take over some of its basical ideas, trying to optimize the contribution process of ambassadors and other outreach teams, by sharing and developing best practices and by improving communication between teams or SIGs. I talked to Robert Mayr the presenter and discussed with him how Diversity team can join this initiative. We also wanted to have some common medium to communicate and share more updates on Mindshare.

Few more sessions, which I have attended were –

  1. https://flock2017.sched.com/event/Bm9D/simple-user-testing-early-and-often
  2. https://flock2017.sched.com/event/Bm97/atomic-host-101
  3. https://flock2017.sched.com/event/Bm9N/fedora-ambassadors-the-future
  4. https://flock2017.sched.com/event/Bm9o/councilbudget-conversation – Only for sometime
  5. https://flock2017.sched.com/event/Bm9h/fedora-hubs-demo-roadmap
  6. https://flock2017.sched.com/event/Bm9H/gating-on-automated-tests-in-fedora-greenwave

I also had a small discussion with Tim Flink about CI (Continuous Integration) and what is going on in Fedora for CI.

Some Fun Time

The most funny thing happened with me in US was I was eating during day time as everyone was eating and I was also eating during night as it was day time in India 😛 . But seriously, I lost track of my sleep and food during this trip totally. I met my old friends from Fedora and it was real fun to be with them –  Marie Catherine Nordin , Justin, Jona and made some new friends. I went to NYC for one day after the conference and some good food and did shopping for family.





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