Devconf, 2017 – Diversity FAD (Developer Conference) is a yearly conference for all Linux and JBoss Community Developers, Admins and Linux users organized by Red Hat Czech Republic, the Fedora and JBoss Community.

We (Diversity team) had our first ever FAD during devconf. The planning of FAD started long long ago with a pagure ticket .

History – Here is a bit of history of FAD planning in the sequence of events as they took place –

  1. Pagure Ticket Opened for FAD –
  2. Development of FAD wiki page started –
  3. We identified potential tasks to be covered during FAD
  4. Suggestions/options discussion for Venue and Date has been started in ticket and meetings.
  5. Logical Model – developed by Justin.
  6. We presented our FAD proposal to council and requested funding.
  7. After required approvals, we started booking tickets and accommodation.

Facts – After 6-7 months of planning and hard work, the actual day has arrived – Diversity FAD. Here are some facts and highlights of diversity FAD –

  1. FAD dates -January 27 – 29, 2017
  2. Venue – Red Hat Brno Office
  3. Attendees – Justin, Bee, Jona, Bex , Rhea , Marinaz , Maria “tatica” Leandro and me
  4. Timings – 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (except the last day)

Tasks – Though, I cannot explain the hard work we have put in during FAD. Here is the brief summary of tasks, we tried to achieve –

  1. Survey (Numbers are important) – This was our long time pending task, which we certainty wanted to achieve during our FAD days And without any delay we jumped directly to this one. I am sure none of us could thought of this, that making/shaping/creating a survey can be so mind boggling task. Thanks to our special guests Bex and Marina who gave us some knowledge around how and why every single question can effect and impact the whole community. So, we went in really deep, deep discussions, gathering facts, statistics around every single question we want to put in survey. And this goes without saying, that we want the answers to be of great use for Fedora community. So choice of questions were a huge and intelligent task. Finally, we came up with the questions, but now the length of the survey was an issue/topic of discussion. We did not want to drop any of the questions, which we came up after sp much research, but then Bex introduced us with a unique style of voting in XL sheet. And that is how we came up with our final round of Survey questions.
  2. Fedora Appreciation Week – This was the excited and fun topic for everyone present in FAD. All have great ideas around it. As we all know how badges make everyone in Fedora community excited. Similarly, this would be next thing inline of badges in Fedora. We all are humans at the end of the day and we all need motivation to keep moving ahead. Appreciation and recolonization makes us feel good about what we are doing. We have discussed the structure, design, bit of implementation of FAW. Soon, we will moving ahead on this task and would like to see it executing sooner than later.
  3. Some other major tasks involved, cleaning of our pagure tickets, Code of Conduct expansion, Reporting and handling of diversity cases. Here is the some of the scribbling during 3 days of diversity FAD –

NOTE – My above list cannot/does not cover all/complete tasks, we have done during FAD. This is merely a page of the diversity FAD book (may be even the less).

Fun moments – Fedora events are incomplete without fun. We were as serious about having fun as we were about our tasks.

  1. We attended Devconf social event.
  2. We had FAD social event at a place called Skanzeen.
  3. We spent last evening together mostly by exchanging gifts, having good food/drinks and some dance.

Memories and Pictures – We are lucky to have such a great team. Every single team member is awesome in his/her unique way. We share a great bond of togetherness. Though, we are so diverse by our nature, ideas, goals, profession..still the bond is beautiful. Here are some memories to cherish –