FUDCon Pune 2015 Planning Meeting Minutes – 3 March

We all (members of FUDCon Pune organizers and volunteers committee), want to make sure that everything is in place and we are making a good progress . So, we had a very productive meeting today. People are gathered in a big room, some joined via call and at #fedora-india

Meeting Etherpad link :: http://piratepad.net/FUDConPunePlanning

Here are some important highlights :

Please see complete MOM below :

Last meeting : http://piratepad.net/fudcon-pune-planning-20150203

03 Mar 2015
Agenda + Minutes
  • Outreach
  • this is for industry + mailing lists (communities)
  • we need help here with more lists + more volunteers to do the outreach.
  • this is for colleges / educational institutes
  • separate cfp needed because we need to mention open source in education here — we could have a track for professors / teachers here to get them together and discuss problems specific to their area.
  • Please think of more companies which deal with RH / CentOS / Fedora; reach out for CFP.
  • Rupali emailed some RH contacts
  • Video series
  • Videos from FPL (Matthew Miller), jsmith, Kushal, Parag, Rahul, Joerg, etc. — extolling the virtues of FUDCon + Pune
  • Kushal and Shreyank to work on this
  • Two videos:
  • One in April
  • One in May
  • Reach out to design/marketing team for editing help.
  • also reach out to ambassadors in apac for confirmation / planning
  • Siddhesh: announced during apac meeting; ambassador panel discussion at fudcon welcomed by all; Siddhesh to announce it on ambassadors list.
  • open trac for sponsorship requests
  • done; requests already coming in.
  • CFP
  • We have about 56 talks so far
  • Amit suggests we keep a CFP open for barcamp-style, since that is how FUDCons have been conducted this way so far.
  • Everyone agrees, but let’s not call it CFP; let’s call it barcamp-track
  • Chandan to tweet
  • Marketing
  • Fedora magazine
  • CFP article out
  • One more CFP article at -1 week (1 March).
  • Let’s not do this article at all; fudcon15 article still the first one on magazine.  Let’s give some time till our next post
  • Also, let’s co-ordinate on content and timing to put out magazine articles; otherwise we look unorganized.
  • fudcon.fedoraproject.org
  • will need some trac ticket?
  • Siddhesh (looks like I need a Pune 2015 component to file a ticket against)
  • Twitter
  • We also have tweets going out from Red Hat Community account
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn group
  • Website
  • just need to figuire openid thing now
  • Praveen + Siddhesh.
  • Favicon for fudcon site
  • Praveenkumar to do this
  • Siddhesh added a ‘thanks for registering’ page
  • Praveen deleted RSS — no more spam posts on planet
  • Graphics status update?
  • Clear to open tickets for other graphics elements
  • Also pls update current ticket so that designers know not to keep working on this design anymore
  • new tshirt design needed
  • Going to fudcon
  • 2011 designs
  • SSL support?  Asked Saleem about it
  • We’re still figuring this out.
  • Travel updates? (after CFP closes + speaker selection)
  • Budget
  • Make and maintain a publicly visible sheet to track expenses?
  • Send link to budget to MIT contacts
  • Done
  • Sent a reminder to Ruth
  • Ruth replied; she’s OK with using RH expense system
  • FUDPub
  • Rupali reached out to Venue1
  • Potential Venue 1
  • Space for 100 people
  • Reasonable (approx 1800 per person)
  • RH has relationship; payments are easier
  • Close to cocoon
  • No limitation on sound limits – a nice party can be had.
  • Rupali continuing to reach out to others
  • Another venue visit next week
  • Swag
  • Niranjan suggests some programmable arduino boards manufactured locally with our logos
  • About ₹750
  • Swag for Volunteers
  • tshirts
  • Swag for Organisers?
  • Swag for Speakers
  • Umbrellas (for sweet Pune rains)
  • Fedora badge for attendees?(added to the FAS account)
  • Venue
  • WiFi
  • They don’t have this on-campus; they had said they would set it up by FUDCon.  Follow up.
  • MIT COE are keen on doing it; they need input from us.
  • We will get in touch with their IT person.
  • Also talk about the Fedora mirror with them.
  • Power connector extensions
  • MIT were going to set this up.  Follow up
  • Note to speakers (include in prep email): In seminar hall: projectors are 4:3, screen quite small (don’t include small text)
  • MIT meetups
  • First one proposed on 28th Feb
  • Didn’t happen; we need to discuss when it’s possible for them (they have exams going on these days)
  • What to do?
  • Siddhesh to reach out to MCUG
  • Set up a Fedora mirror (Chandan)
  • Best way to seed will be to get an archive on 
  • Volunteers
  • College reopens on Jun 15
  • Many students will be on leave till Jun 15
  • We should identify students who will be available in the break – e.g. students from Pune who don’t plan to travel elsewhere; we don’t need too much of their time anyway
  • Mobile Application
  • Siddharth + Rohan had volunteered
  • Rohan to adapt an app used by the OpenStack folks.
  • Creating FAQ for FUDCon India 2015
  • Kushal to draft it
  • Kushal has a list of Q
  • Amit will get creative with answers.
  • Videographing
  • kpoint: Not an option. Rates too high (20k per day just for recording)
  • asked for clarification on rates; they might have subsidised options for us
  • hasgeek
  • They’re  allowing us use of their equipment + train a few volunteers who can do  the recording.   Equipment needs to be brought from BLR to Pune.  Nice  gesture by them; but sounds complicated given the expensive equipment +  need to get volunteers to be trained.
  • Look for cheaper quotes from other professionals (Bipin)
  • Buy our own cameras? (Rupali)
  • Check if local RH marketing has cameras they can spare for the event (Rupali)
  • Open source solutions for streaming (amit)
  • Last option will be to have a tiny webcam doing live Hangout — advantage is it has auto-archival on youtube.
  • amit: +1 for this option (or using the open source one for streaming)

FUDCon Pune 2015 – Invite for sponsorship requests

We are now accepting funding requests for FUDCon Pune 2015. So, all Fedora contributors who want to attend FUDCon Pune during 26-28 June, 2015 and need sponsorship for travel and/or accommodation, please open a Fedora trac ticket for funding request here.

Here are some more details ::

What does sponsorship mean?
It means, Fedora Project will subsidize or reimburse your cost for travel and/or accommodation.

How to apply?
Read this guide and file a ticket here. You need a Fedora account to apply.

Am I eligible?
Typically, if you are a Fedora contributor who is planning to present a talk or organize a hackfest or a workshop, you will be considered eligible. However if you are unsure or you feel that you have a good justification,  go ahead and apply anyway. There is a much better of chance of getting sponsored if you request!

Will everyone who applies get sponsorship?
Probably not. We will do our best to sponsor contributors who are within APAC to attend the event. We can potentially subsidize the costs of some non-APAC participants but our budget is tight. We would love to bring a global community to the FUDCon and welcome everyone to participate but we have to do it within the budget we have been granted.

How will I know I am getting sponsored?
We will update your ticket when we make a decision.

How will you decide who gets sponsored?
All the organizers and other Fedora community members who will participate in the meetings get a vote. All discussions will happen transparently on #fudcon-planning and meeting minutes will be posted to the fedora-india mailing list. FUDCon meetings are open for everyone for participate. You are welcome to join us. There are no side way entrances. This is the same process  for everyone in fedora. Please see sponsoring event attendees wiki page for more information.

When is the deadline?
April 30th, 2015. We will keep it open for a while more if we can but don’t wait to apply. You have a much higher chance of being sponsored if you apply early while funds are available.

git – what is origin

I have started learning git ( which is very famous and widely used tool for code repository and version control ).

Basic commands which I use normally are ::
1. git clone URL – this is to clone the repo
2. git pull – to pull the content from repo
3. git branch – It tells which branch you are on, and of course to change the branch
4. git add, git commit and git push – to add, commit and push the local changes to git.

Now, there is a command which I am using lately to push my changes to git for review::
git push origin HEAD:refs/for/RHEL71 –

And, I had this question, what is origin in this command? I had different answers from different people. But nothing satisfied me. After some more reading this the conclusion::

ORIGIN – origin is the alias of remote git repo which we have cloned. It is not the NAME of remote repository infect, it is an ALIAS given to the URL which points to the default remote repository.

There can be multiple repos cloned, and you can see what url belongs to each remote by using ::
git remote -v

While pushing, you can use remotes or you can simply use a url directly ::
git push git@github.com:git/git.git master

You can see more info about the remote by typing ::
git remote show origin

And interestingly, you can change this alias anytime you want using ::
git remote rename origin anotherAliasNameForTheRepoUrl

Since, I am in learning phase and there will be many more things which I would like to explore, you can expect more post on git from me :)

You can still catch the bus/bug – Anaconda DNF-test-day

It was total fun participating in anaconda test day, I have tested few test cases listed in the result page, also opened bug. Just be careful about the build you are testing, as the 2015-02-11 f22 nightlies are known broken, 02-10 nightly are good to test.

I have tested some negative test cases too, during installation , for example super duper famous new feature “Anaconda 22.17 will enforce ‘good’ passwords”, which is a very hot topic of discussion in fedora mailing lists nowadays. I have tried giving some weak passwords for root and it did not accept it, so it is working well.

Similarly, there are lots of things to test. You can validate anaconda using different install repositories like FTP, NFS, http and mirror list. You can choose various different options while doing configurations in the Anaconda GUI.

Help is available at #fedora-qa and #fedora-test-day IRC channels. Anaconda developer Vratislav Podzimek (vpodzime) is actively looking at bugs and issues. People from fedora QA team are also helping out.

So, don’t miss the boat. You can still join and contribute to make anaconda much more better in Fedora22. Happy Testing :)

FUDCon APAC 2015: Now accepting talk proposals and registration

India was host to FUDCon in 2006 and 2011 and is now back in 2015. Talk proposals and registration are both open now.

FUDCon APAC 2015 is organized in association with the Maharashtra Institute of Technology College of Engineering (MIT COE), one of the premier engineering colleges in Pune, at their Campus. Keeping in line with the aim of increasing participation to Fedora and engaging with various OpenSource communities, we hereby invite you to submit proposals of interest for Talks, Workshops and Hackfests.

This is a very well planned event and we have many people behind it burning the candle at both ends to make it successful. It is quite evident from Pravin Satput‘s blog post that how organizers and volunteers are pulling their own weight. So, to seize the opportunity, don’t forget to submit your talk.

You may submit as many topics as you feel qualified to deliver. Suggested topics include but are in no way limited to:

Embedded Systems
Internationalization & Localization
Quality Engineering

Submit your proposal now. Submissions and Registration will be accepted through 9 March, 2015

India Calling – Namaskar FUDCon APAC 2015

I am extremely pleased to announce that the FUDCon APAC 2015 will be hosted in Pune, India. There  was a bid from Pune, India and PhnomPenh, Cambodia And after  a lot of discussions, meetings – Pune, India has been given an opportunity to be the  host for FUDCon APAC 2015.

For the curious homosapiens, FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference. A major free & open source software event held  in various regions around the world, annually twice.  FUDCon is a great combination of sessions, talks, workshops, and hackfests and it is always free to attend for anyone in the world.

For the FUDCon Pune, We are expecting, there will be varied and interesting list of proposed talks and presence of large number of contributors. Like last year, 2015 will also be a great year of events for the Fedora Community. We expect FUDCon Pune, India to be a productive event for the local and global community.

But as we all know that the price of success is hard work, so our organizing committee in Pune, is already working sedulously and going the extra mile to make the event successful.

So fedorians , get ready to be part of one of the largest and productive event of Fedora. I will post CFP dates and link soon. Stay tuned.. :)

Here is important & useful information for FUDCon Pune,2015 India ::
Time: 26 – 28 June 2015
Venue: MIT College of Engineering , Pune, India
Details: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Bid_for_Pune_2015
MOM: http://piratepad.net/FUDConPune2015

It is never too late to catch up with an old and genuine friend – Fedora

I know it has been a while since I wrote my last post. That is mostly due to my really very busy schedule with testing RHEL7.1/ nss-nspr/ RHDS releases but yeah, I missed my passion of writing.

Never mind, it is never too late. Specially, when it comes to catching up with a true friend like Fedora.

It is such a fantastic thing about Fedora that no matter how much time you have to be away from it, It welcomes you back open heatedly without any complains. Just like a cute girl friend and not like a stubborn wife who ends up asking you so many whats, whys and where etc etc.

So, it took me mostly two half days (which turns out to be in total one day)  to catch up with the things which is currently happening in Fedora. Kudos goes to our Fedora Project leader  Matthew Miller who never forget to write his awesome post “Five Things in Fedora” in fedora magazine  . I did read my most favorite mailing list i.e. fedora testing mailing list and oh my my… how fast fedora world is. I think 7 days of a non-fedora life is equal to 2 days of fedora life!!! I ended up reading nearly about 200 mails, honestly I did skip some. But overall it gave me a clear picture of what is happening in fedora QA. I read logs of some irc channels like #fedora-qa, #fedora-blocker-review etc

So, all of this gave me a nice insight to what is currently happening in fedora and specifically more about fedora qa, well for me that is most important and favorite part .. :)

So far, current Hottest news is RC5 is out for fedora21 and up for testing. Details are here on the test mailing list .Here is the list of the blocker bugs https://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/21/final/buglist which reveals what were the accepted blockers and fixed. It was little unclear which RC has which bug fixed and reverted, still I will try bifurcate..

RC1 – 11/28/2014 07:04 PM – https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/6031#comment:21

RC2 – 12/03/2014 01:15 AM – https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/6031#comment:24

RC3 – Never Released    –   This never made it out of the compose process –        releng  made a small mistake so they started over, and it was easier to call the retry ‘RC4′ than clean up the failed attempt and call the retry ‘RC3′.

RC4 – 12/03/2014 03:50 PM – RC4 and RC2 should be that the live images have correct fontconfig caches. Otherwise RC4 and RC2 should be  effectively identical.
RC5 – 12/04/2014 08:03 AM – The difference between RC5 and RC4 is that the changes to python-blivet and pyparted that were introduced in RC1 to fix bug #1166598 have been reverted, as they were found to cause more serious problems than they fixed.

So, if you see within 24 hours, we had 3 releases. So Fedora is running really very fast to meet its Final Release which is scheduled at December 9th.
Com’on, let’s contribute to achieve a biggest milestone in fedora history where you will have bright new awesome threesome Workstation, Server and Cloud!!

Join #fedora-qa now – irc://irc.freenode.net/fedora-qa and don’t miss the fun!!